Become a Member Organization

One of the perks of becoming a member is complete access to all of DCAYA’s information, resources, and events for you and your team. DCAYA members are also added to the list of members on our website.

Why should our organization join the alliance?

Because of the same reasons DCAYA was founded. Youth serving organizations all over the District realized that a lot of the challenges their young people were facing were systemic ones, and so needed systems level changes to solve. While critical work is done every day on the grassroots level, grasstops advocacy also needs to happen to ensure equitable access to the very programs and services young people need to survive and thrive, including many of those provided by member organizations.

What if DCAYA’s issue areas aren’t directly related to our own work?

No single nonprofit organization or District agency takes care of all the needs of a young person in the District. Many youth rely on a web of programs and services relating that are unique to their own circumstances. If anything it is more of a reason to join DCAYA: if your organization doesn’t provide housing or out of school opportunities, for example, this is a way to help support that work when youth in your own programs need it.

How do we join?

The recommended dues structure varies by your organization’s budget, but if you have any questions about dues before applying, don’t be afraid to reach out! Thank you, in advance, for considering becoming a member organization, or simply renewing your membership. We look forward to talking to you soon.

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