DCAYA’s mission has been endorsed by a breadth of local youth-engaged organizations as members, now numbering over 100. Our members are nongovernmental youth-engaged organizations operating in all of the District’s wards, providing all manner of opportunities and supports, and serving all subpopulations of young people. Our organization members range from single-purpose groups with all-volunteer staff, small budgets, and a low volume of service users to multi-purpose agencies with diverse funding streams, large staffs, and thousands of service users.

And if you work with young people in the District, you’re ALREADY a member organization.

What binds us together is our shared commitment to the positive development of youth and their families and the safety and stability of the neighborhoods and city in which they live, study, work, and play. Members embrace the premise that the youth-engaged sector needs an organizational venue in which to build common values, represent the sector, and communicate unified positions to key stakeholders and the general public—that forum is DCAYA.