DCAYA Treasurer

Principal, Tenner LLC

Adam is a social entrepreneur with more than 20 years of not-for-profit leadership experience.  After 15 years leading and growing the largest HIV/AIDS organization focused on youth in the world, he has dedicated his work to helping organizations increase their impact through financial and programmatic sustainability.  

In his career, Adam has have raised more than $50 million in resources, created jobs for more than 200 adults and 1000’s of teenagers and helped other organizations build their financial strength as they seek to fulfil their purpose.

For Adam, meaningful, purpose-driven work is what puts the fire in his belly. As an entrepreneur, he fully appreciates the stress and joys of running something you care passionately about.

Adam has been honored for his work as a Champion of Change by the Obama White House, given the Ryan White Service Award by the National Education Association in a number of other leadership awards.